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3 Brands Doing An Amazing Job On Social Media

Social Media isn’t easy. We can all set up a Twitter or Facebook account, but making it look great, while creating great content, posting it at the correct time, and engaging the correct audience, is time-consuming and difficult. Here are 3 brands, however, which we can all look to for inspiration (besides Founders Media):

Virgin Trains

You have probably already seen a funny example of Virgin Trains using customer service to its best. One classic story is when a customer tweeted their on-board toilet had run out of toilet roll. Ever the caring, Virgin Trains tweeted back asking which train they are on, before proceeding to ensure a member of staff would come down to help. Richard Branson’s imposed branding is surely working here.

What they do well is add a human, relaxed and comical element to what could quite easily be a boring brand. These are key elements to successful social media. They also use a variety of content; from serious situation updates to funny memes and GIFs.

Kimpton Hotels

In the Hotel space (one in which social media is particularly beneficial), Kimpton are a leading example. While they, too, know when it’s best to be serious, they also know that having a joke and a bit of fun is really important for successful social media.

This is reflected by the levels of engagement and customer feedback they get (which they also RT, for added publicity). Although they convey a relaxed image, Kimpton certainly don’t fail to show off their luxury brand and high quality hotels, reminding followers to book in at a Kimpton next time they’re in town.

Innocent Drinks

If you’ve ever seen a tour of the Innocent HQ in London, you’ll know they like to do things a little differently. So much so that one employee has even turned up for work in their dressing gown. Their Social pages are no different. One thing that has made such a simple idea so successful is their casual, light-hearted and upbeat branding, conveyed perfectly through Social Media.

What they do well is engage with Tweeters in a funny way, show office-antics and add a real down-to-earth, human touch. Ideal for social. They even show off their office dog – something that seems to be a real craze at the moment.

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