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3 Content Ideas for Driving Engagement

Whether you have an active following or not, you should always be looking to ramp up your engagement levels. Increased engagement results in increased following, and subsequently higher chances of social media success.

Here are a few of our favourite content ideas for increasing engagement:

Fill in the blank

This is designed to provoke direct interaction with your followers. It helps to create a graphic with a sentence, and then a gap, where you ask your followers to fill in the missing word.

I would advise against doing this if you have just set up your accounts – be sure to have at least a few hundred followers before attempting to get responses.
You could, however, promote your post either with paid advertising or simply by sharing it in various Facebook groups.

For example: Let’s say you’re a fitness company selling gym wear. Create a graphic with the text “The best thing about working out is__________”. If successful, people will fill in the blank. Once people begin commenting on your post, their friends will see their comment, and your post will appear in more people’s feeds; subsequently giving your awareness a huge, organic boost.

Tag a friend meme

We’ve all been there: scrolling through the news feed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (where memes are most effective), and have come across “x commented on this post” accompanied by a funny meme.

If you can find a meme funny and relevant to your industry, post it alongside a caption that brings in your followers’ attention. For example: the blow meme accompanied by “tag a friend who looks daft in sunglasses”. If your sense of humour is in check, your followers will, firstly laugh, and then tag a friend as per your request. This means that, thanks to social media algorithms, more people will see your post, your page and your business. After all, we all have that one friend who, like Putin, just can’t pull of sunglasses.


Particularly useful for product-based businesses, contents are a great incentivised way to engage your followers and even more so, grow your following. However, there’s a catch; most successful contests require you to give something away.

You’ve probably seen contests floating around social media, you know, something like this: “like our post, follow this account, tag a friend in the comments and you’ll be in with a chance of winning this free product”.

The ‘tag a friend’ part is key; as it forces someone who may not follow you to look at your business. Subsequently, if they like what you’re doing, they might just follow you, or even enter the contest themselves.

This is a great content idea for early stage startups looking to get their name out there. If you can’t give anything away because you’re a service-based business, or because you can’t afford to, try offering a discount to contest winners, or look to partner with a product-based business for the contest.

@proteinbymars gained thousands of new followers, probably an increase in sales and certainly an increase in awareness thanks to a giveaway campaign.
The cost: however much you’re willing to give away. Whatever that may be, it’s likely to be worth it, and much cheaper than gaining the same awareness and engagement through traditional paid social media marketing.

Hopefully these 3 content ideas gave you some ideas or inspiration for driving more engagement on your channels.

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