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3 Content Ideas Perfect For Hotels

Whether you agree with the saying “content is king” or not, the content you put out on social media is certainly very important. But what can Hotels, who should be using social media to its full effect, post to gain results and make an impact with their online presence? Here are three ideas Ideal for Hotels:

“Look at our amazing our rooms and restaurant”

We all momentarily stop our lightning speed news feed scrolling for an interesting video. Statistically, short videos perform the best on Social Media. To take advantage, try giving a quick but alluring tour of your rooms, restaurant or fantastic facilities (speed up the video if needs be).
Whoever’s watching will be sure to remember your rooms next time they’re in town.

“Say Hello to our Team”

Social Media is all about people, personalities and personalisation. Faces, or pictures of people, also perform well on social media. Each week, create a short interview with one of your team, and post it on your social channels.
This adds a face to your brand, consolidates your team and adds the all-important human touch. Ask the right questions and it’ll be an interesting read, too.

Collaborate with a local Bakery of Coffee store, ask everyone to tag you

I may be wrong, but you probably have a local bakery of coffee store which makes delicious cakes or at the very least, coffee. Have a chat with them, ask them to bring in some freebies to hand out in your lobby, and ask your thankful guests to tag you and your local friends in their inevitable posts to social media. You could even create an Instagram Frame to take pictures with.
Not only will this develop your relationships locally, and liven up your guests’ day, but it’ll give your social media a friendly boost.

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