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3 Contests To Run On Social Media To Grow Your Channels

Creating cool content, posting regularly and engaging on your channels is great, and will produce some growth. To take your channels to the next level, however, try running a contest or giveaway. Contests and giveaways have, when done correctly, proven themselves over again as sure-ways to grow your channels.

Due to its user interface, advertising flexibility and effectiveness, contests are most commonly held on Facebook, with Instagram also being home to frequent engagement-encouraging campaigns. Here are three ideas and examples:

Bundle Giveaways

We’ve all seen a huge basket of chocolate, biscuits, books, tech goodies and/or a wad of cash pop up on our news feed. This is a bundle giveaway. The advantages of these giveaways are obvious, and they are one of the most effective ways to grow your channels.
Try a caption like “To win all these goodies, like & share this post, tag 2 friends who’d love this, and make sure youlike our Facebook page”.
For cross-channel results, add the incentive of “extra entries if you follow us” on your other social channels.

An example of a company who do these (minus the cash) on a regular basis is MyProtein.

Photo Contests

Photo contests are where you ask your followers to send their best photos of something related to your industry (perhaps the best photo using a particular camera brand, for example). The challenge is something that will excite an engaged following and subsequently produce impressive results. This is, however, a contest that should be avoided if you have an unengaged or small following.

Examples of photo contests can often be seen amongst Hotel brands. An example for a Manchester Hotel might be “send us your best Manchester Selfie, we’ll feature the best ones and add you to our prize draw to win a free night and meal for two, on us!”.

Fill in the Gaps

Fairly self-explanatory, a fill in the gaps campaign is where your post encourages followers to complete your half-finished sentence. Those who offer their answer subsequently get drawn to win a prize. Not only is this tempting for your followers, but it encourages an excess of comments and, hopefully, a lot of likes and shares from eager contest entrants.

An example: Soap and beauty company Dove did a Fill in the Gaps, where they asked users to share things that made them “feel beautiful”. Winners were awarded with the innovative prize of becoming the next "Face of Dove", featuring in the soap brand’s marketing campaigns.

For the best results, try boosting (paying to promote) your contest or giveaway. The more entrants you get, the better.

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