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3 Reasons Why It Is Essential Hotels Use Social Media

We’re biased, but we believe all businesses, regardless of age, size or industry, should be using Social Media. None more so, however, than hotels.
With over 55% of hotel bookings being made online, rivalry amongst hotels, and who has the best online presence, is fierce.
Here are three (of many) key reasons why all Hotels need to be making the most of this fantastic, important marketing method:


Have you ever searched a business or person, only to find their LinkedIn and Twitter page rank highly? That’s because positive Social Media boosts your SEO ranking. With so many hotel bookings being made online, and with so much competition in most corners of the globe, all possible advantages need to be capitalised on.

Gives you an edge

Imagine a potential customer is looking at where to stay during their next trip to London. They have narrowed their choice down to a possible two hotels, one of which is yours. The facilities, quality, location and prices are all similar.
They head over to Facebook or Twitter to take a deeper look, and to see if any guest reviews stick out.
Your competitor’s social media looks impressive, with pictures of beautiful breakfasts and happy employees, accompanied by plenty of positive reviews. They then head over to yours – where you haven’t posted in two weeks, and the impressive appeal just isn’t there.
This possibility, which I have experienced first-hand, is another reason why social media is so important. It’s a branding opportunity and an opportunity to excel past your competitors.

More Traffic, more Bookings

All good social media efforts increase website traffic. Fact. A continually proven fact, in fact. Given the correct UX on your website, this increased website traffic will only increase your chances of increased bookings.

As a small growth-hacking idea, specific campaigns can even be established for special rates and offers for those who come exclusively via social media.

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