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3 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important For All Businesses

As time goes on, more industries and businesses are coming to realise the importance of Social Media. It is no longer a luxury, but a necessity…for all businesses. The number of reasons why you need good Social Media is endless, but here are 3 key reasons:


It’s important to highlight how not all businesses will see a direct ROI (return on investment) on social marketing. Many, however, will. Nonetheless, if you’re using social media correctly, your website traffic will soar, your reach will soar and your subsequent marketing power will grow as time goes on.
Social Media will develop successful leads, at the very least drive website traffic, and will also improve your SEO ranking – that’s why a company’s LinkedIn or Twitter page often appears near the top of a Google Search (test this out by Googling your own company).


When you click onto the Twitter feed of a business, you want to see a good follower/following ratio, a nice cover photo, enticing bio, and frequent, interesting posts. If you see they have no cover and haven’t posted in 2 months, you get the impression they have gone out of business.
Social Media is an opportunity to convey, and share your brand, boasting how wonderful you are with the world, or with a targeted audience. Correct social media will enable sufficient brand recognition and increase customer loyalty. Do you have a favourite coffee brand, or clothing brand? When you see their products on Instagram, you probably double-tap (like) their posts. If they weren’t using social media, they’d slip from your mind, decreasing customer loyalty and chances of repeat sales.

Competitive Rivalry

Have you ever scrolled through the Twitter or Instagram feeds of your competitors? The odds are they’re working hard on growing their social footprint. That means you, too, need to focus your efforts on this modern but essential marketing avenue.
Observing your competitors’ efforts is useful in stealing ideas, or identifying what you can do better. This is, however, another example as to why you must be using Social: if you have non-existent social media feeds, your competitors will reach more potential customers, and simply look better than you.

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