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3 Things You Can Do To Grow Your LinkedIn Page For Free

LinkedIn ads are statistically very expensive for ROI, and LinkedIn have a very unique user base. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram. LinkedIn is, however, important for many businesses; so let’s take a look at a few ways to grow your page for free:

Give people a reason to visit

Run a competition on your LinkedIn page, offer discounts on your products/services for those who purchase via LinkedIn, or try posting unique content to your LinkedIn feed that can’t be found on your other channels.

Whatever idea you pursue, look to make your LinkedIn page unique from your other channels, and provide a value proposition to your page which will make people want to visit. Don’t say “follow us on LinkedIn”, but say “Enter via our LinkedIn” or “Ask us a question via LinkedIn”.

Create a community

Like Facebook, LinkedIn have groups. They may not be as popular as on Facebook, but they’re useful. Post and comment in different groups related to your industry on a regular basis, and set up your own group, too. Particularly if you’re a recruitment firm, LinkedIn groups are massively beneficial.

If you can create a community aspect where users discuss with each other, this is fantastic social media practice. Your presence on LinkedIn, and all channels, needs to be beneficial (and social)!

Promote your LinkedIn link!

Your email signature, website lightbox, pop-up on your articles, every page of your website, your Twitter and Instagram bios: these are all places you can add a link to your LinkedIn page. If you’re prioritising LinkedIn growth, promote this page more than your other channels.

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