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3 Tips For Organic Twitter Growth

Some value Twitter less as a Social Media Marketing platform. It still has, however, over 300 million users, and offers a great branding and promotional platform.
Twitter ads are typically more expensive than on other channels, so how can you grow your feeds organically?

Provide Unique Content

All social media channels are different. Post different content on your Twitter than on your other channels, and followers on your other channels have more incentive to join your Twitter community. Twitter’s algorithm allows you to post more frequently than, say, Instagram (where it’s actually a disadvantage to post 3+ times per day). Use Twitter as a hub for information, help, news and advice in your industry. Use Twitter to listen to your customers, and use it to connect with other users and brands.

Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are where you invite other tweeters in your industry to join you and discuss a topic or answer questions over a pre-agreed time period.
For example, you ask 5 users in your industry to answer and discuss 5 questions you will post (with a custom #) between 1-2pm tomorrow.
This will do four things: get users following, liking and retweeting you; provide interesting, valuable content to your followers; develop or strengthen your network; and expose your feed and your brand to new followers.

Get Chatting

Block out 30 minutes each day to scroll through related #s and discuss a topic with tweeters. Comment on posts, ask questions and ideally tweet to those with a large following, or a well-known brand. Virgin will nearly always reply on Twitter (good work, Richard). If you tweet to accounts of businesses you actually use, you will often get a response. The more time you spend chatting, the more your impressions will soar.

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