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3 Tips to Boost your Facebook Business Page

There’s no doubt it’s harder to grow your likes on Facebook than it is on other channels like Twitter or Instagram, where a few likes here and there will give you 5 new followers. It is important, however, to have a respectable number of likes on Facebook, as it’s often the first place people will turn to find your business.

Here’s a few tips we’ve gathered to help:

Use Facebook groups
Make sure you’ve joined several Facebook groups related to your industry. If there aren’t many, make one yourself.
There are two key ways you can use Facebook groups to grow your page:

Firstly, post your advice, thoughts, and useful content in these groups, and be sure to tag your business page in the post. Facebook groups have a surprisingly beneficial community element which means the reach of your page will grow notably.
Secondly, share your pages posts into groups. If you click “share”; then select “Share in a group”; and search which group you want to share a post into, this gives members of this group an easy way to see your business page. Again, this notably increases the reach of your posts.

Shout it!

Tell everybody about your Facebook page! Add a link in your Twitter and Instagram bios, click “invite people to like” (on the right hand side of your Facebook page) and invite all your friends, even inbox people who you think might be interested in your content, and tell them why they should like your page. Like a business, it won’t grow if you don’t tell people about it.

Get out your wallet
We know, Facebook advertising (or “boosted posts”) is quite saturated. For this reason, be sure to add an incentive for people to interact with your post.

Make sure you’re targeting your ads correctly, and include an incentive in your caption. Run a contest; if you can afford to give away a product or a discount, do so. Offer to buy people a coffee or at the very least promise good quality content. Advertising on Facebook may be saturated, but it still works, and the correct execution of an advertisement will see notable page growth.

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