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3 Ways Hotels Can Get The Best Results From Social Media

Social Media is important for all businesses, from haulage firms to fashion brands. It’s particularly important, however, for hotels.
With reviews being pivotal, and with such high competitive standards, social media offers a chance for hotels to out-do their competition online. Here are three ways to do just that:


When it comes to hotels, whether it’s your bedrooms or your Instagram feed, it’s key everything is aesthetically pleasing. If your Instagram feed looks rubbish, it conveys the thought that you couldn’t possibly be a high-end hotel.

Statistically, images on Social Media that include one dominant colour, especially blue, perform well. If your images have a textured background, they perform even better. That doesn’t mean you need to post pictures of a blue carpet repeatedly, but it is a subtle reminder to keep it simple and aesthetically pleasing.
if you look at Conrad Hotels, they do a fantastic job of making their Instagram feed look great, whilst using lots of blue!

Use Blogs.

One online article reads “if you do not have a blog, your hotel website is dead”. While this may be a slight exaggeration, blogs do add significant advantages to a hotel’s online presence. A good blog will boost your social media presence, SEO ranking, validate your expertise, increase site traffic and further integrate your hotel into the local community.
Update your blog weekly and post it on your social feeds at least once per week. Try writing about things guests can do in your city, and tag local establishments in your posts. For inspiration, look at Hilton, who write blogs on “A hipster’s guide to Rotterdam” and “must-visits”.

Get Influence.

Reviews are key, and positive reviews don’t get much better than those from an influencer with hundreds of thousands of highly-engaged online followers. Social Media influencers are a fairly new, highly popular method of introducing your hotel to a highly engaged audience, for less of a price than most alternative methods. Interact with influencers via your social channels and your own feeds will soar, too. Look at Tribute Portfolio Hotels, part of the Starwood Group, who have used social influencers to boost their social feeds, outreach and occupancy.

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