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3 Ways to Make Your Social Media More Aesthetically Pleasing

When somebody clicks onto your Instagram or Twitter feed, you have a few short seconds to impress them, and persuade them to follow you. If your social media feeds aren’t aesthetically pleasing, you risk losing their attention immediately. It’s therefore essential your social looks great and draws users in.
Here are a few tips to give your social pages a cutting aesthetic edge:

Design Custom Banners and Posts

Either add a high-quality, relevant image, or use a platform like Canva to design a branded, fantastic-looking cover photo.
Use the same font, text size, typology, positioning and colour scheme across your posts, cover photos and graphics to convey an aesthetically pleasing, consistent brand. There’s nothing more off-putting than a social feed with a jumble of unorganised colours, texts and styles. You want to convey your brand as a serious outfit, so make sure your social media looks the part, too.

Use all Features

Social channels, and Facebook in particular, ask you a million-and-one things when you’re creating a page. “add a cover photo, add your business hours” etc. etc. These may seem annoying, but they’re important. Aim to have a 100% complete profile on all your channels and your social feeds will look complete, while being easier to navigate around for visitors and potential customers. Use LikeAlyzer to see how complete your Facebook page is.
Pin a post, fill out your impressum, about section, story, milestones, services, notes, events, and full contact information. Find a way to use all of these. Use Facebook’s notes as a place to store your blog posts, and use the services section as a place to display your products or, naturally, your services.

Get Creative

Some of the most successful social media feeds, particular on Instagram, utilise the same colour schemes and filters consistently. Scrawl through social feeds for inspiration and map out your target brand image, before creating aesthetic, good-looking content to fit the bill. For example, some accounts (like our Instagram) will post one quote graphic for every 4 Instagram posts, so there’s a diagonal pattern as you scroll down the feed. This adds the aesthetic wow-factor, subsequently increasing the chances of gaining new followers.

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