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4 Key Elements To A Successful Social Media Strategy

Social Media strategies are subjective depending on your business, your desired brand and your target audience. All good strategies do, however, contain some common elements. Here are 4 of them:

Content Strategy

To tap into your desired audience and grow a strong following, you have to be providing valuable content your target audience will love. This means creating a content strategy which sees consistent, useful content going out on your Social Media daily. Put together a strategy outlining what content you will create, when, and how you plan to promote it. Don’t be afraid to recycle good content! Recycling will ensure the content can reach its full potential.

Daily Personalisation

Social Marketers hear all too often the common problem of “the content looks good, and we post regularly, but no one likes or comments. There’s no engagement”. Establishing social media where people regularly engage is, barring phenomenal PR, a long and hard slog. In addition to running contests, Chats, Q&As etc., one of the best ways to build up your engaged following is by, well, engaging yourself. This means clicking on hashtags, asking questions, liking things, and leaving your opinion on other people’s posts etc. Just make sure you do this regularly and you make it authentic – don’t be mistaken for a bot! Once you’re consistent here, you’ll not only gain a better understanding of your audience, but you’ll start to see more organic likes and comments trickle in. Social Media requires time, and lots of it.

Paid Campaigns

Unfortunately, social companies are making it increasingly difficult to grow your channels organically. While LinkedIn is arguably the most difficult to grow organically, Facebook and Instagram are becoming trickier as time goes on, and as algorithms develop.
This means the necessity of ad spend, or paid campaigns, is growing.
All successful social strategies will include a monthly budget for ad spend for each channel. Make sure you’re targeting the correct demographics and geographical areas with your ads, and aim for a reach of 100,000-500,000 for the most optimal results. More isn’t always better.

Solid Aesthetics

As vein as it may sound, your social feeds have to look good. Instagram in particular is a channel where your first nine posts need to look great in order to impress visitors and gain new followers.
Make sure your cover photos are the right dimensions and is a high quality image. Try adding diverse content including images, videos, gifs (where necessary) and polls. Use the same font sizes, styles and colour schemes to establish a consistent and appealing brand. When a new user clicks on your Social Media feeds, you have a few seconds to impress them and gain their follow or like.

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