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4 Things You Should Do On Your Social Media Channels Every Day

Having a great strategy and posting perfect content is one thing, but you also need to spend time on your channels each day being human and engaging – otherwise your channels look computerised, and will struggle in the eternal battle against algorithms. Here are 4 things to do each day on each of your Social channels:

Comment on 10 Posts Authentically

Aim to comment on at least ten posts on your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page. Make sure you don’t just put “great post!” (this makes you look like a bot), but try asking a question or leaving a constructive comment. This will spark up conversation and help satisfy algorithms, boosting your reach.

Post Diverse Content

While some content can be posted across all your social media, some channels require diversification. That selfie in your new dress might look good and perform well on Instagram, but it should probably stay off LinkedIn.
Your timings and captions will also vary. Again, LinkedIn and Xing aren’t accustom to emojis or hashtags, and require posts around working hours – unlike Instagram or Twitter (where hashtags are more than welcome).

Make New Friends

‘Make new friends’ isn’t a corny way to say “add loads of people on Facebook”, it’s a suggestion to ensure you follow more and more accounts each day. While your follower/following ratio is somewhat important, don’t be afraid to grow your following list continually – just make sure you’re following useful and relevant accounts. This satisfies the algorithm of social media channels and, potentially, helps you make new friends (on social media, at least).

Use Groups

Use groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, or ‘pods’ on Instagram to promote your content, page and your impressions. Do this on a regular basis and you’ll notice a steady rise in reach, followers/likes and engagement. Just make sure you don’t post in 5+ Facebook groups per minute consecutively, or Facebook will ban you for a week (we’re all too used to this at Founders Media).

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