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5 Questions To Ask When Creating Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media marketing is complex, and there are many different elements that go into creating a successful social strategy. Ask yourself these questions before completing your strategy and you’ll be on to the right track:

Who are you trying to reach?

You know your target market. But do you know what they’re interested in? keep an eye on what they share, who they follow and what they like. Tailor your content around this.
For example, Founders Media aim to help businesses with social media marketing; so if we were to post in-depth analytical information about social media, we would be ignoring our target market: those who do not have extensive social knowledge.
If you’re using LinkedIn, you can even use their analytics platform to see what level of seniority your posts are reaching out to. Furthermore, try Nano-targeting paid ads to reach a specific level of a company, or even a specific person.

Are you providing value?
This is an obvious, but important point. Do your social media feeds provide value to your followers? Question this constantly and ensure your content curating and creating efforts are improving continually.

Is there a variety of interesting content?

By this, we don’t mean “are you covering 5 different subject areas?”; as this would be unnecessary. We mean you need to be offering a variety of content types to get the most from your social media. For example, use someone else’s interviews and articles, but also write your own, create your own short videos, design some infographics, and more.

How will you be tracking progress?
It’s all good having a sufficient strategy in place, but you need to ensure you’re monitoring progress. This allows you to adjust if necessary, and at the very least validates your hard work. Create your own spreadsheet for full effect, or use the analytics platforms of each social channel to see how it’s going. Try Likealyzer to critique your Facebook page.

What is your end goal?
Not everyone uses social media for sales-purposes. Some businesses need it to validate themselves, stay competitive or convey their brand. After all, for many businesses, the reality is that social marketing will not provide a sufficient ROI, but it’s about the greater picture.
If your ultimate aim for social media is to drive sales or leads, then you need to be providing frequent links to your site or to whatever you’re trying to sell. Of course don’t oversell, but look for a general ratio of 1 sales post to every 10 posts. This is, of course, unless you are, for example, a clothing company; in which case the ratio will be much higher.

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