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5 Social Media Channels You Probably Don’t Know

Social Media is a mass-market, booming and potentially lucrative industry. It’s no wonder so many tech entrepreneurs and businesspeople want to gain their share of the market with new, innovative platforms.

New social platforms appear more often than you might expect, but as with most innovative companies, it’s only a handful that ever make it into the mainstream. Let’s take a look at a few you may not have heard of.


Pheed is a platform where users share videos, text, music and photos. Doesn’t sound so different to existing channels, does it? But Pheed also offers pay-per-view live broadcasts, and has a different user interface to Facebook and co. Pheed is another step towards narrowing the gap between TV and online viewing.


In a similar ilk to AskFm, Thumb is a platform on which you ask a question and get feedback from other Thumb users in real time. Useful for research, be it personal ‘find yourself’ research, or research on a new project or business idea, Thumb helps fill the demand for anonymous questioning.


We all know Facebook is banned in China, right? This means another social platform surely has to take its place. Well, introducing ‘RenRen’, the ‘Chinese version of Facebook’. Launched in 2005, RenRen capitalized on the banning of Facebook by offering a suitable alternative. If you’re targeting a Chinese market, be sure to include RenRen in your social marketing strategy.
Facing fierce competition from WeChat, Weibo and other China-focused platforms, RenRen remains a suitable replacement for Zuckerberg’s world-dominating Facebook.


Particularly popular in Germany, Xing is the one platform on our list you may well have heard of already. With approximately 14 million users, Xing is seen as a modern alternative to LinkedIn, and is used to develop professional connections and seek job opportunities.


PicsArt, most closely aligned with Instagram, is a photo editing app with more in-depth editing abilities than ‘the gram’. Users can share photos, create collages and even co-edit content. Watch out, avid Instagrammers.

There are hundreds of great ideas, and fantastic platforms being developed constantly. The question is, will any of them become ‘the next big thing’? Those targeting the Chinese market may well be the ones to keep an eye on, with over one billion potential users to target.
Any successful social platform needs an aggressive and successful ‘sharing’ strategy, a perfectly usable platform, something unique, and the ability to get in the hands and minds of millions of people. No small task.

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