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5 Ways to Increase Engagement on Twitter

1. Comment as you would in real life
Tell someone your honest opinion on their tweet, whether that’s good or bad. Try reading a recently shared article and sharing your first thoughts. This personal touch is more likely to produce a response, and is a nice change from automated or copy and pasted responses that are so common on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Make note of the time

Plan what time of day you’re going to send your posts, considering differing time zones. Statistically, the optimum time to post is 3pm on a Wednesday. However, the time at which you post should depend on your target audience. For example: if you’re UK based, but targeting Singaporean companies, don’t post at 5pm - where it’s the nigh time in Singapore.

3. Post optimally

There’s nothing more annoying than an account that posts 1000 times per day. It clogs up your feed and posts subsequently lose your attention. On the other hand, there’s nothing less-engaging than an account that hasn’t tweeted for a month.
How often you should post ultimately depends on your capabilities and your target market. A general Twitter guideline is to post 1-5 times per day.

4. Retweet/quoted RT

Simple, but effective. Retweeting (RT for short) gives you an opportunity to share free valuable content, while pleasing whoever you retweeted in the first place. A quoted RT (where you click the retweet button and add a comment) has a similarly beneficial effect. Try doing one RT per day to increase your engagement.

5. Follow others

Don’t be afraid to rack up your following number! (Hootsuite follow over 1.5 million accounts).
You might get a follow back, and others in your industry will take note, boosting your engagement. Anyway, you can always unfollow those who don’t follow back.

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