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6 Ways To Boost Instagram Growth

Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Media channels right now. Before it gets too saturated, get ahead and build a productive account using these tips:

Use hashtags

Instagram is one of the few channels where a lot of hashtags are genuinely effective. If you want to use hashtags, but would rather not have a load of hashtags in your caption, add them as a comment (they still work here).

Follow and follow some more

However, there’s nothing wrong with following hundreds of accounts that are actually related to your industry. This is almost guaranteed to increase your own following. After some time, Instagram will block you from following accounts for a day, but spend a few minutes each day following accounts that will add value to your news feed.
We know, if you follow 1000 accounts randomly, it is spammy. At the time of writing, Instagram’s fast growth has resulted in a lot of spam-following (I get a spam follow on my personal account daily).

Spend time online

Schedule 15-30 minutes per day in your diary for Instagram. Spend this time as you would on your personal account; scroll through the feed, comment on things (meaningfully, don’t just put “Cool!”), like posts and follow new accounts. The more time you spend liking and commenting, the wider the outreach of your account.

Clear CTAs (Calls to action)

On Instagram, you can’t add a clickable link in your caption (this link can only be copy and pasted from the lesser-used desktop version of Instagram), so try adding your required link in the bio and refer users to this in your caption. You might have noticed a lot of accounts saying “swipe up for this”; unfortunately this feature is currently only available for verified accounts.
A call to action, for example “click the link in our bio for this” or “drop us an email at for more” is commonly used and highly important on Instagram.

Adding a CTA on each post will boost your engagement, results and a variety of CTAs won’t appear spammy.

Catchy caption

One thing commonly successful on Instagram is long captions. Try posting an image, adding your thoughts, reasoning, advice and arguments against a related topic. People notice your advice (if it’s good) and if they spend the time reading your caption, they’re more likely to engage with the post.
Despite Instagram being a picture-based channel, the caption is key. Add a variety of caption lengths, from one liners to several paragraphs of text.

Promote your account on other Social channels

Additionally, schedule posts promoting your Instagram account to go out on your other social channels. Add a qwerky caption explaining why your Instagram is worth following and reap the rewards.
This is a simple one. If you’ve just set up your Instagram page or are focusing your growth here, add a link to your Instagram account in the bio of your Twitter, LinkedIn and any other pages.

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