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Controlling your Narrative

With Social Media becoming more and more saturated, it's key to understand how you can stand out, and how to best relate to your target audience. Removing yourself as just some other venture and being the venture that has something to offer is your way in, and there are three important steps to tackling that. 

We at Founders Media believe Social Media has become the most powerful tool in controlling your narrative. It gives you the power to personally craft your image, present your brand and significantly tailor your relationship with your users. Where paid advertising is useful for specific campaigns, we put the emphasis on having a strong organic base with strong engagement to avoid the look that its managed by a bot - which is becoming more and more frequent. 

Avoid using bots. Avoid focusing on any means necessary in growing your followers. Focus on the quality of the users (those most likely to engage), rather than the quantity that will remain dormant and do nothing for your page.

There is nothing stranger, for instance, than seeing profiles with 27K followers get 96 likes per photo…Seems odd!

How do you avoid this? Micromanaging a very soft, organic and gradual approach with your TARGET AUDIENCE, OBJECTIVE (what are you trying to achieve from your efforts), and TACTICS (how you are going to succeed).

In a move that might destroy any kindling of love one may have had for Social Media, it's vital to head to the drawing board early on and really understand and make clear what you are aiming to achieve, what your objectives are and who your target market is.

Once these three are identified, it's easier to tailor an approach to create and post content and engagement that will put in place the system and the brand that will best reflect who you are and the people you are trying to attract.

If you don’t lose sight of these core values, you won’t get lost in the vast realm that is now Social Media. 

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