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Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don't

Your presence online is today no longer an option but a necessity. Whether an author, politician, small business or a corporation, your platforms are an opportunity to present yourself while pushing specific content or products and engaging with your online community of satisfied, potential or visiting ‘customers’.

Last week (check the time stamp of this article), Facebook reached an online community of 2 billion people. Mix that with the fastest growing platforms that are Instagram followed with Twitter and LinkedIn and what we get is specific bases special in their own right. The systems, however, are now monetizing themselves more and more by catering for spheres of sellers and buyers.
Facebook's expected ad revenue for this year is expected to reach 34 Billion dollars. This increase in commercialization is now interweaving itself as part of the core of these platforms and most importantly, it’s integration is aiming to provide service alternatives on a platform that people spend more and more time on!

Like WECHAT, it’s clear that the way forward is morphing our platforms into a single base in which all parts of society are together into one community for all to pick and choose based on the principles of choice.  The question however remains; how do you make yourself unique in an ever-growing population of users.

The online community has reached an important moment. Its original objective to create an online community of individuals is now largely a large community of sales targets for business communities and specific ads and as businesses understand the need to carve the corner in the global community, this push to be online is saturating an online community that now needs subtle/content-based marketing as opposed to aggressive sales techniques. It’s also important to keep in mind that as a business, you face limits to your exposure and reach unless you are ready to promote specific content focusing on a niche!

It's why content marketing is the future in establishing your brand and growing your presence. Results may come in slowly but establishing a brand correctly is worth the wait. Especially when potential customers are getting more and more annoyed at ad pollution on pages it is important to focus on your ability to present yourself subtly and non-aggressively so that people remember you for the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

It is why, where in the past you could get away with not being online, today it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, its getting more and more saturated which is why we like to think it’s become a bit of a damned if you do and damned if you don’t practice! Nevertheless, a well personalised tailored service will have people coming to your page not because they have been harassed but because of a good SEO strategy, content that generates reach and exposure and most importantly, people satisfied with your service wanting to be part of your online community. With that, paid campaigns on specific content is a perfect way to increase your reach. Most importantly is understanding the platforms and their limitations!

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