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Facebook For Beginners – Key Questions Answered

Facebook is the king of Social Media. They’re the first major platform and are creeping up towards 2 billion users. But if you’re new to Social Media marketing, it may be a bit overwhelming. This article is aimed at helping you learn the basics and more.

Make your page Likeable

Use Facebook as an information portal, almost as a second-website. Look to form a community where your network and target audience can interact with each other.

Turn your Facebook into a place where your audience can ask questions, or have a chat. Provide value proposition consistently and frequently. Remember to make Social Media marketing about THEM, not about you.

How often should I post?

Ultimately, this depends on your business, industry and your overall goal with Facebook marketing. All businesses should be posting at least 3 times per week. If you want to be a major source of information, try posting several times per day. If you’re just looking to raise awareness and develop a brand for your business, try once per day, or just on working days.
Don’t be afraid to post too often, but be sure to keep your page active and interesting.

How do I set up my page? What are all these tabs?

Some tabs are self-explanatory: about, services, events, reviews, posts, photos etc. Others require a bit more work. Try setting up the Groups and Notes tabs. Facebook now allow you to link any Facebook Groups you run to your Like Page (business page). Do this to increase traffic from your groups, and vice-versa. It also adds another element to your page, and we highly recommend setting up a Facebook Group, if you haven’t already.
The Notes section can be used for, well, notes on your chosen topic, or even a Blog section (as we use ours at Founders Media).

When setting up your page, there are a million-and-one things Facebook ask you to do. From your address, to services and bio. Fill all of them in. The more complete your Facebook is, the better.

Utilise Facebook’s tab templates (on the settings > edit page section), and ensure your branding is sufficient. Add a button to your page to act as a CTA, and have a professional, appealing cover photo or video. Be sure to add a username the same as on your other Social networks, and don’t forget to invite all your friends to like your page!

Should I ‘boost’ my posts?

Yes, you should. Facebook is developed cleverly; so if you DON’T pay to boost posts, your page will hardly grow. It’s much harder to gain organic growth on Facebook than it is on Twitter or Instagram.

For these reasons, it’s wise to boost your page or your posts as frequently as your budget allows. We recommend at least once per month.

Additionally, try manually boosting your posts by sharing them on your timeline and in Facebook groups.

What are ‘insights’ used for?

Insights are effectively analytics for your page. They show you how well your page is growing, where your likes and comments are coming from, how many people your posts are reaching, where these people are and what they do.

For the best results, track your analytics, and adjust your content, timings, frequency of posts and strategy accordingly.

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