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How To Critique Your Own Social Media

Do you ever ask yourself if you’re doing enough with your social media marketing? How you can make your channels more interesting, useful and productive? One of the best ways to find out, other than with analytical data, is to critique your channels:

Scroll through your feeds as though you’re an outsider. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market, and look at your channels from an external perspective. Do they  interest you, are they aesthetically pleasing, and what could be improved?

Look at competitors. You may have a competitor who is annoyingly good at social media marketing or branding. Naturally, you don’t want to copy them, but observe what they’re doing. Are they regularly tweeting people directly, or using more videos?

Ask friends or family to scroll through your social media, or even better, ask a colleague or business associate (we all know friends and family are usually too nice, and don’t provide the critical outlook we desire). Ask someone in the office “how would you improve my social media?”. Social media companies, like ourselves, often offer free critiques, too.

Key questions to ask:

  • Do you have a variety of content?
    Are you posting videos, images, questions, graphics, articles, and more? Or are you just posting links through to your site? Diversify if necessary.

  • Would you follow/like if you didn’t know this company?
    Pretend you’ve stumbled across your social feeds and you don’t know the company. Would you click Like or Follow? If not, why not?

  • What’s your value proposition?
    What value are you giving your followers? Are you helping them out?

  • Does the content on each of your social feeds vary?
    Are you posting the same stuff on LinkedIn as you are on Instagram? Consider the differing demographics and psychographics per channel, and adapt content accordingly.

Use tools:

The analytics on each social channel can tell you who looks at your channel, when, and from where. LinkedIn even tells you what company seniority level your followers are. Try tracking these analytics to see when posts perform the best, if you’re reaching the right people, and adjust accordingly.

For Facebook, tools such as likealyzer will compile all this info for you in a clear, free report which helps identify where you’re going right and, most importantly, what you need to do to improve.

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