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How To Please Instagram’s Algorithm

As Social Media becomes more saturated and competitive, algorithms become more important. If you’re not up to date with algorithms, your posts could be massively limited and your channel growth will stagnate, or even decline.

Don’t over-post
An important thing to note is how Instagram will start to limit the reach of your posts if you’re posting too often. Post 5 times per day and you’ll realise some posts perform significantly worse than others. The lesson to be learnt is to only post one or two times per day; the sweet spot for the gram.

Don’t delete
We all have old posts we strongly dislike all of a sudden and want to delete. Well, Instagram doesn’t like that either. They limit the number you can delete at one time to around 50, and you’ll again find a dip in reach or even followers if you continue to delete posts on mass.

Times are anew
Recent algorithm changes mean when you log into Instagram, the most recent post won’t necessarily be the post to appear first on your feed. This means users are likely to see your posts over a longer period of time, so you may still get the odd like on older posts – something to consider if you’re writing a caption with a deadline (for example “this offer ends tonight”).

You may already be doing this one:
Try to keep your content relatable to one particular sector, for example: Manchester United or even something as broad as football. Instagram will display you to users who tend to like and interact with posts in one certain sector, so narrowing down on a sector can grow your reach.

Put aside a wad in the budget
You may have heard Instagram are now owned by Facebook. Well, unfortunately, money-grabbing Facebook are slowly making Instagram more like Facebook from an advertising perspective. In other words, they’re making organic growth more and more difficult; thus encouraging users to spend more on advertising.
Alternative routes to growth include the use of influencers (some of which can be used for little or no cost), or account takeovers. Otherwise, you might need to start spending more on boosting your Instagram feed.

In addition to satisfying Insta’s algorithm, your strategy and engagement work also needs to be in check. Make sure your Instagram account is a ‘business account’ (click here to see how to change your page to the business account). This will allow you to see analytics, including which time is statistically the best time for you to post. Keep an eye on this and post accordingly. Ensure your Instagram content is different to content on your other channels. Instagram is, after all, very different to Twitter and co., so be sure to keep it that way and appeal to its more aesthetically-demanding audience.

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