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Inspirational Accounts For Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn

A little Social Media Inspiration is not only useful, but important. One of the best ways to spur inspiration for your own social media channels is to look at other, massively successful Social Media feeds in your field. Here are four inspirational Social Media feeds (one for each of the key channels) who are killing it. Make sure you’re following these:

Facebook – Nutella

Creative, aesthetic, sharable and fun are four words to describe Nutella’s Social Strategy for Facebook. They are four words most brands should also look to install for themselves. From Nutella-spread Christmas pancakes (timely, creative and sharable), to plenty of engagement-provoking videos and questions, Nutella have their Social Media nailed down. Admittedly, it’s easier to sell Nutella than it is an insurance firm or construction company, but the fundamentals remain the same.

Twitter – Starbucks

Starbucks respond to most of their tweets (not bad for an account with over 11 million followers), post plenty of appetising gifs, videos and pictures that, well, make us all want to go get a coffee. The human touch and personality shines through in their feed – perhaps the biggest takeaway tip.

Instagram – Charity Water

Storytelling and positivity are two essential elements to successful Social Media. Charity Water combine the two with their inspirational, interesting and literally life-saving Instagram feed.

LinkedIn – Mashable

LinkedIn is harder to grow organically, subsequently increasing the importance on your content. Mashable have the content-side of Social nailed down to a tee. With genuinely interesting, captivating short videos and images which are relevant to today’s news, Mashable’s LinkedIn is full of sharable posts – no wonder they have nearly one million followers.

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