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Instagram Stories: How To Get The Best From Them

What’s the story?

The stories feature is a huge trend in the world of Social Media, with Facebook and Instagram quick to follow the popular feature initially introduced by Snapchat in 2013. The addition of Instagram stories provoked a mini tech-battle in Silicon Valley, with critics claiming Instagram simply copied the Snapping stories.

Features on Instagram stories are changing constantly; they recently introduced face masks (perhaps, again, taking the idea from Snapchat), and their use of common slang words, locational features, funny emoji’s and icons go down a treat with brands and users alike.

Putting a story on your Instagram feed is a great way to keep your brand in the mind of your followers and release more frequent updates. As with any social medium, just be sure to not overdo it. Keep the number of stories you post per day to under 20, otherwise people will just skip them, and in some cases even unfollow you.

Using stories to your benefit

You know when it says “swipe up for more” on an Instagram story, and swiping up opens a link? Well, unfortunately, at the time of writing, only verified accounts can use this useful trick.
Instagram are introducing an ‘ad shoppable’ feature, where you click on a product seen on a story, and it will take you to the relevant link. Again, this is another example of Instagram looking to become more business-friendly, led by example of the owners of Instagram, Facebook.

Additionally, you can pay to promote a story to accounts who aren’t following you. These accounts can, however, just skip your story if they want; damaging its effectiveness. Alternatively, standard Instagram advertising is set up in the same way as Facebook’s, and can offer respectable ROI, with a minimum spend of just £4. Of course it varies, but for £10, you can expect to gain around 2000 impressions and a small handful of clicks.

We recommend:

Post a story every day you post on Instagram: so probably 5-7 days per week. Use stories as an outlet to be creative. For example, post about “favourite things that happened in our office this week”, or “the best from Instagram this week” followed by several cool pics.
Wherever possible, tag people in your stories, add a location and some sense of humour. Create a graphic using Canva or Photoshop which is custom-fit for Instagram stories (1080 pixels wide x 1920 pixels tall), save this to your phone and add it in for a better aesthetic appeal. This will also remove the chance of your text being blurry and will give you an outlet for promotion, without needing to be verified.

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