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The Power of Social: How Social Media helped Donald Trump get to the White House

First in the series of "The Power of Social Media", we take a look at possibly today's most famous man.

Have you heard that Donald Trump is now President of the USA? How did a real-estate mogul and reality TV star with outlandish views land the most powerful job on the planet?

Without delving into deep political discussion (we do love a good political discussion at Founders Media, but now isn’t the right time), one thing that made a massive impact on his campaign is his use of Twitter.

He famously used Twitter to “bypass the media”, in other words: to ignore what the media say and use his large following to convey arguments sufficiently. The thing is, it actually worked.
Even better for Trump, the media loved his Twitter usage; subsequently increasing his following, attention and his ability to bypass the media. Ultimately, Twitter raised the hype around Trump’s campaign in more avenues than one.
Whether you looked at his Tweets in disgust or with admiration, the reality is the increased hype focused attention on him, and got people talking. This ultimately, as it turned out, worked in his favour.

What does this show? It shows the sheer power of Social Media. We preach that Social Media can be incredibly impactful when you convey a unique, notable brand (which is one way to describe Donald). It is another example of why you need Social Media for your own personal branding and, perhaps most importantly, for your business.

For your business and for other politicians, it might not be so easy to raise as much hype as it is for Trump. However, the eccentric use of Social Media could be a future trend to come. It worked for Trump, so why can’t it work for other politicians (providing they convey the correct messages)?

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