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The Power Of Social: The Future Of Social Media Marketing

Third in “The Power of Social” series, we look at the future of Social Media Marketing, and where our industry is heading. By now, we all recognise how important Social Media is. Regardless of your goal, it makes sense for all businesses to be on social media (unless, we concede, you’re a secretive intelligence firm).

Right now, the Social world is in a stage of steady growth and alterations. User numbers are still growing for all major platforms, but so are issues and challenges. Spam is a notable problem, and companies are getting frustrated with Facebook’s slow organic growth (unless you pay them).

The inevitable saturation of social media, paid campaigns and desire for all companies to have millions of fans has led to companies looking for alternatives.
Introducing: sub-industries such as social media influencers, brand ambassadors and excessive content efforts. Alternative social marketing efforts like these have given businesses an alternative route to growth, with some firms spending tens of thousands each month just for content creation, and signing lucrative deals with social influencers to endorse their brands.

Is this, however, just a phase? Will social influencers be raking in endorsement deals for decades to come, or will another option come along soon?

Additionally, will new social mediums arrive? Will Facebook be the king of social media forever? Instagram has grown from 0-700 million users in 7 years - so 7 years from now, will there be a new kid on the block?

We’re biased, but we do genuinely believe social media marketing as a whole is here to stay. ROI is not always provided, but social is firmly established into marketing strategies of all major companies today. Social media is still one of the cheapest, most direct and impactful marketing methods, and without it, you’re shooting yourself in the foot(see our video on the importance of social media).
Don’t think about closing your Twitter account anytime soon; as from all viewpoints, it seems social marketing is here to stay.

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