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What Brilliant Social Media Content Looks Like

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King”? Well, to some extent, it is. Sufficient content marketing is the basis of a successful social media strategy. In an increasingly competitive social media marketing world, content and innovative ways to promote your content are becoming increasingly important. The difficulty lies in the expensive and time-consuming nature of content creation, which has formed the creation of purpose-built jobs and even entire departments within some firms.

Regardless of the industry, if you look at an example of a successful social media feed, you’ll see a pattern of content variation. For example, you won’t see the same attachments, phraseology, hashtags or emojis on each post. You’re more likely to see a variety of branded graphics, videos, images, typology, polls, and questions.

When composing your content calendar (ask us about building your content calendar), make sure you’re posting a mixture of at least 3 of the following on a regular basis:

  • Short videos (under 1 minute)

  • Longer videos (interviews, for example)

  • Blogs

  • Industry-related news

  • Branded and personally created graphics

  • Competitions/giveaways every one or two months

  • Hold a pre-organised Twitter Chat or Facebook discussion every one or two months

  • Questions, quizzes or polls

  • Infographics

Include a variety of the above content and you’ll have the basis for a fantastic content strategy. The ratios, quantity and frequency depend on your aims, resources, and target market or industry.

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