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Why Social Media Is A Blessing For Hotels

Hotels are big business. There are about 45,000 of them in the UK, and conveying the perfect brand is highly important in such a competitive industry.

Social Media is important for all industries, but none more so than Hotels, where reputations are built almost entirely online. When was the last time you booked a hotel without looking at reviews online? Imagine if you were about to book a hotel, looked at their Twitter page and it looked like an unorganised mess with 30 followers and no tweets in six months – hardly an inspiring sight.

Social Channels give you the opportunity to manage and respond to your reviews correctly, while increasing your outreach and potentially outwitting your competitors. Further, look at what your competitors are doing – is your online image better than theirs? If not, do something about it. Social Media is your opportunity to convey an impeccable and impressive image to potential customers and partners, ultimately boosting your occupancy.

It’s well-known that active Social Media feeds boost your SEO. For example, if you Google Founders Media, the third, fourth and fifth results are our Social Media channels (with the top being our site and the second our TrustPilot page). If you have a blog, Social is another way to share your blog posts, again boosting your SEO rankings.

If you could make an extra 1000 people in your target market see your hotel’s brand today, you would. That’s why blogs, and other share-able content, is invaluable to your social presence. Create short videos of your rooms or restaurant, and incentivise your followers to share them, run a competition or giveaway, and see your outreach soar. Maybe even place a card in each of your rooms, encouraging guests to share their thoughts of their stay on your Facebook page (subsequently liking your page).

If you host events, Social Media is the ideal place to promote them. From our events at Founders Media, we find that over 50% of attendees discovered the event through Social Media. Make a Facebook Event, share it and use Facebook or LinkedIn Groups and targeted campaigns to spread the word.

Speaking of Facebook Groups, set one up for those who love or work in your sector. Use this to create a community, drive traffic and subsequently become an online leader in your sector. Groups will allow you to convey your expertise and listen to the needs of your customers, potential customers and even local businesses or partners.

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