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3 Daily Tasks to Grow Followers

A key aim of many brands on social media is to simply grow followers. It’s one of the most difficult things to do in the world of social media without a huge budget or full-time content creator. Nonetheless, there are several tips and tricks to implement daily which will oversee consistent growth. Here are three of the most important:

Put aside 30 minutes

A minimum of 30 minutes per day is needed to spend on each of your channels, in particular Twitter and Instagram, to oversee consistent growth. Instagram’s recent algorithm change even stated that brands should be spending at least 30 minutes per day to see growth.

What should you do, besides posting content, in these 30+ minutes? The short answer is engage. But what we mean by engage is to like, comment, ask questions or react to peoples comments on posts and stories, follow/like accounts, make sure you’ve responded to all your own comments or messages, and even reach out to other accounts you feel you might be able to work with.

Keep up to date with the relevant hashtags to your industry and click on these daily, before responding to or posing questions on recent posts. The more time you spend on social media, the better the results. The only problem is; this can be tedious for those who resultantly neglect engagement work (that’s one reason we exist – to do it for you).

Connect and Follow

Some bots and platforms will follow several thousand accounts automatically for you, before unfollowing those who don’t follow you back at a later date. We certainly don’t recommend them. Why? Firstly, it’s a bot., and social should be about human personalisation. Secondly, a bot is easy to spot – seeing a page follow and unfollow you can anger some, and simply confuse others. For example, on Instagram, we (@foundersltd) get followed by the same social media company every single week, and have done for several months now. Further, the last thing you want your bot to do is like an inappropriate post. Not cool.

That being said, following relevant accounts manually is beneficial, providing you aren’t so keen to immediately unfollow them. Particularly on Instagram, following other accounts greatly pleases the algorithm. If you follow 30 accounts right now, you’ll notice a sharp rise in your followers within minutes. The recent Instagram algorithm change suggests you should spend approximately 30 minutes per day engaging, so don’t forget to include a few useful follows in there.
Further, connecting with lots of LinkedIn users you’re looking to associate with (providing you have an impressive profile and consistent posts) is a proven way to grow your personal brand and convey your expertise.

Content Critiquing

The ultimate long-term success on social boils down to one fundamental value: your content. Perfect content is the base layer to increasing followers, traffic, PR and subsequent sales. Critique your content daily (we wrote a blog on how to do this effectively) and ask yourself “if you were your target audience, would you follow/like this page?”.

Once you’re confident of your strategy, look to utilise UGC (user-generated content, i.e. content that your customers/employees have posted themselves), or content other social pages have posted.
In an ideal world, you’d create 100% of your content yourself, but there are two advantages to using UGC. Firstly, it’s quicker, cheaper and easier than creating 100% of your content yourself, and secondly, providing you tag the content creator, it’s an opportunity to engage. Just make sure you do tag the content creator – we’ve all made the mistake of innocently forgetting to tag them before receiving an inevitable angry inbox.

As a Social Media Management company working with brands worldwide, we are insistent on doing all of the above, and more, for our clients daily. Get in touch or read more about what we do by clicking here. Download our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Management, here. Thank you for reading.

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