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3 Essential Ingredients To Your 2019 Social Media Strategy

Social media is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of the curve isn’t easy. While focusing on what your audience wants to see will always be important, how they want to see it, and what performs well, does change. Here are some essential ingredients to your social strategy for the new year:


Usually that thing you get tagged in on Facebook, or that special experience you remember from Instagram when you book your next holiday, comes from a video.

While producing good quality video content is harder (nature of the beast that is social media), video content has more chance of engaging followers, and building an interpersonal connection.

Depending on the nature of your video, it’s generally better to keep them short and sweet, and definitely under 20 seconds (as humans, our attention span sucks).


UGC stands for user-generated-content, or videos/pictures your customers have produced while using/experiencing your product/service. For example, UGC is popular in the world of hotels as guests like to post pictures of themselves in a plush hotel (don’t we all?).

Good UGC doesn’t always come organically, and often requires some prodding. Try adding an incentive for guests to share their experiences with you on social media. Offer lucky winners each month a free meal or product when they share their experience on social media with your custom hashtag.


In my opinion, this one will be on the list each year. Good social media is complex and takes, well, elbow grease.

First, you have the content which takes ages to create, curate, edit, and organise. Then the captions, which take longer. Once this is all posted, you have the day-to-day management tasks, things like Instagram Stories, and not to mention the outreach work (commenting, liking, etc.) which is literally a case of ‘you can never do enough’. That’s just an overview, anyway.

Sometimes people have their content looking fresh, frequencies are good, but their followers aren’t soaring. That’s because you aren’t fighting the algorithm to get your page seen by more and more people. The solution is often good old elbow grease which remains a key element of social media success in 2019. You can get bots to perform certain tasks (commenting, liking, etc.) for you, but the more humanisation the better – once uncle Instagram finds out you’ve used bots, you’re in trouble, and who follows those accounts who always comment “Hey, cool post! Check out my page!”, anyway?

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