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3 Essentials For Instagram Growth

Instagram has been hot for some time now, and it’s still growing. We all want to grow our following on all channels, and none more so than Instagram. Especially considering organic growth on Instagram is much easier than on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook (for now at least). Let’s take a look at three ways to grow your Instagram following.

Engage with users

The way I see it, you first need to grow your awareness. Then, if your content is good enough, your followers will grow subsequently. I have written before how this takes time, and lots of it. The more you like, comment, and follow, the more Instagram’s algorithm will like you, the more you are seen, and therefore the more you are followed.

So, what does all this gibberish mean? It means spend as much time as you can liking, commenting (authentically), and don’t be afraid to follow relevant accounts. When you’re on the train, in a waiting room, or on the toilet, open Instagram and get engaging.

Utilise stories

Stories are great, and we all know they’re overtaking Snapchat. As a social media management company, stories add so much time to our day-to-day role. We want stories to be live on our clients’ Instagram feeds at least 5/7 days per week. If you click on an Instagram and there is a current story, it gives the feed a present and complete look, thus increasing the chance of new followers.

Use stories to give an inside look into your business. Whether that’s a ‘behind the scenes’ of your office, employee introductions, or tours if your rooms if you’re a hotel, they can be so beneficial in developing a personal relationship between you and your followers.

Think about how you can use stories to give insight and value to your followers. How can stories make your business more appealing to your target audience? Then use them consistently. If you click on our Instagram feed now, there will probably be a story live (if there isn’t, check back in a few hours!).

Alter content

I still believe content is king (although it’s only one piece of the jigsaw). You should be constantly critiquing your content – from the pictures you post, to the length of captions and style of language you use.

Are you over promoting? Are the pictures/videos you post of high quality? How often are you posting? I recommend you post 3 times per week at least. Ideally, post 7-14 times. What about your captions – do they convey your desired style, and do they convey humanism (this is important even if you are the least-Instagram-hip company ever).
Then look at your, what I like to call, ‘content split’. In other words, don’t post 100% about one thing (in most cases). If you’re a café, yes post about coffee and cakes, but also post about your team, some ‘lifestyle’ posts (this is where your hipster creativity comes in), and your location.

I hope this was useful for you. See our Instagram here, and view our eBook, The Ultimate Guide To Social Media Management, here. Founders Media are a bespoke social media management company working with brands globally. Read more here, or send us an email here.



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