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3 Things Brands Do Consistently Wrong On Social Media

One of many reasons companies like Founders Media exist is so many brands simply don’t know how to run their social media properly. Let’s discuss a few of the most common errors I spot, and I welcome your opinions

Don’t follow a plan

Let’s pretend for a second that you discover an Instagram page without a logo or name. Could you guess, from their pictures, what this business is? Is it a restaurant? A marketing company?

Sometimes, you can’t tell. There are countless hotels that post pictures of food and nothing else. Or restaurants that post poorly-designed promotions and no pictures of their staff or meals.

Draw up and follow a rough split of what content you want to post. For example, let’s say you’re a coffee house in swanky Shoreditch, London. Perhaps you want: 5% of posts to be about your team members, 50% about coffee, 10% your origins, 25% London, and 10% UGC (user-generated-content), and ‘other’. Once you’ve decided your split, follow it and post regularly, with cool captions, call-to-actions, and appropriate hashtags.

Don’t pay attention to aesthetics

I’ve written before how it may sound vain, but looks really do matter on social. Especially on Instagram. You have about 3 seconds to provide that wow factor when someone arrives on your page.

Make sure you have a bio describing what you actually do/are (containing hashtags if on Twitter and Instagram), have a high quality and impressive cover photo (where relevant), and have a pinned post with a call-to-action (where relevant). For Facebook, treat it like a website and ensure the about, milestones, impressium etc., sections are all up to date. This stuff does actually help, albeit a little bit.

Then there’s the big one – your content. Constantly critique your content to see if you have the right content split, the right colour schemes, and that it is interesting. Ask yourself “would I click follow if I had just landed here?”.

Don’t spend time on each channel

Once your content is out there and looking all pretty, you need to spend time on your channels (did I mention this social media thing is really time consuming?). When it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn, view our other blogs for growth tips. Regarding Twitter and Instagram, the more time you spend engaging (liking, commenting authentically, following, etc.), the better.

Keep an eye on certain people’s posts, and you’ll notice the same accounts always leave a comment. There’s a reason – people (like me) notice and stalk their profile, thus often following them. If you follow fitness influencers, you’ll realise they always comment on other fitness influencers’ posts, for example. This exposes them to their target market.

Reply to all your comments and messages, and spend time leaving your own. This also helps to implement the all-important human side.

I hope this article has been useful, and I look forward to your thoughts. Founders Media are social media management specialists based in the UK, but operating globally. Read more about our core service here, send us an email here, or view our eBook here. Thank you for reading!

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