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3 Tips For Improving The Visual Appeal Of Your Social Media

It always sounds vein to say, but looks on social media are important. Image is one reason many brands choose to use social in the first place. But how do you ensure your content looks perfect and reflects your brand well?

Develop a colour scheme and stick to it

This is tip number one because it’s the most important. It’s all good driving traffic to your social media through engagement work, campaigns and giveaways etc., but if your content looks rubbish, this will be reflected in your follower growth. Your content needs to look great from the second somebody clicks your profile.

To help, develop a colour scheme. Use the same colours wherever possible, and use the same filters, too. Try an app like Afterlight to edit your pictures using the same edits for each image (note these down). After a few days, you’ll notice a consistent, appealing and recognisable look across your social media.

Establish brand guidelines for social media

Many of us have brand guidelines, but often, your brand guidelines for social media will be different. For example, Marriott Hotels may use the same fonts, professional typology and imagery for their brochures and advertisements etc., but it’s unlikely they use the same guidelines for social media posts – do you ever see an emoji in a brochure?

Decide how you want your brand to be conveyed – will you use short captions? long storytelling captions? How often will you pose a question? And will you use emojis? How many hashtags and which ones will you use? You get the gist. It helps here if the same person does all your social media posts (with a critical eye overlooking from time to time). Otherwise, write down your guidelines so multiple people can create the same posts without sacrificing consistency.

Display your content

Once you’ve decided on your content, and edited it if necessary, lay out your posts on your desktop or a Word document to see how the imagery will look once posted. When you do this, you’ll notice small tweaks you can make to improve your pattern and visual appeal. If an image doesn’t match your colour scheme, don’t be afraid to omit it. Quality over quantity.

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