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3 Ways Businesses Can Grow Their LinkedIn Page Organically

LinkedIn may well be the most difficult Social Media channel to oversee organic growth on. You can’t invite friends to like, you can’t act as your Business Page, and you can’t follow or interact en-mass as your business page. Basically, you’re a bit stuck. Here are a few organic ways to overcome the tough nature of LinkedIn:

Utilise your Personal Profile

Possibly the most effective way to grow your business page is in fact via your personal LinkedIn profile. First, make sure your profile is perfect and 100% complete with your entire background information, career information, endorsements and even customised cover photo.
Secondly, treat it like a brand page (this is, after you’re your personal brand). By this, I mean you should be posting interesting and relevant content daily, and you should be interacting with others on the news feed, too. Do this continually and you’ll notice an increase in likes, connection requests, traffic and, quite possibly, messages or direct sales after people start to realise your expertise. Tag your business page in your posts and this, combined by links to your business page on your profile, should oversee a steady stream of growth.

Post channel-unique content

If you’re ever trying to bring up an under-performing Social Media channel, try posting unique content on this channel, and promote this unique content using your other channels, paid campaigns and using groups or contests.
This content might be a blog post you’re only publishing on LinkedIn, or it might be a giveaway or competition exclusive to LinkedIn followers, but the uniqueness of the content encourages your followers from other channels (as well as new followers) to flock to your LinkedIn page. 

Use LinkedIn Groups

There’s a rumour swirling around the world of Social Media that the previously inactive LinkedIn Groups are making a comeback, with LinkedIn’s increasing user base looking to use LinkedIn to make new connections and better their business interests. Next time you’re logged in, spend a few minutes seeking out some relevant groups to your industry which seem lively (they contain a decent number of members and regular posts that aren’t just spam). Start posting in, and engaging with, these groups on a regular basis (of course letting people know about your business page – without being too pushy) and the traffic to your LinkedIn Business Page will grow.

As with most Social Media Marketing ploys, patience is important when applying these tips, and the fundamental rule of providing great quality content consistently remains, but nonetheless we hope these tips help you grow your LinkedIn business page and achieve your Social Media goals.

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