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3 Ways To Grow Your Facebook Organically

Social marketers globally have been complaining about the increased difficulty of driving engagement and growth organically on Facebook. It’s a task most brands seek to do, but many fail at. What happened? Facebook continue to tweak their algorithm so that organic growth is increasingly difficult, thus encouraging marketers to pay to boost posts or pages.

Organic growth is still possible and expected – something we ensure happens for our clients month after month. It is, however, slow, difficult and painful. Below are a few ways to boost your Facebook reach without handing over your wallet to Zuck.

Run competitions and giveaways

Ideally every 2-8 weeks (depending on your brand), run a competition or giveaway where you encourage followers to ‘like our page, tag a friend and share this post for a chance to win x’. Restaurants, cafes and similar businesses have perfect scope for this. We all love food, so offering a free delicious meal or speciality cakes for you and your friends (for example) in return for 2 seconds of your Facebook procrastination time is a tempting prospect.

Providing you have a good enough audience to begin with, the chances of this boosting your reach significantly, and your number of likes, is high. Promote your competition across your other channels for maximum impact.

Use Facebook groups

You might already be a fan of Facebook groups, and if you’re not, you will be once you correctly utilise them for social marketing. Search for your industry into Facebook’s search bar (for example, “social media management”), and select the tab “groups”. Join all relevant groups here, and, when accepted, you have access to a targeted selection of users.

Next time you publish a post on, let’s say ‘social media management tips’, click “share” (bottom right of the post), then select “share in a group”. Select which groups you want to share the post to and your reach will instantly increase notably (how notably depends on the size and engagement of the group). At Founders Media, we have met new contacts, clients and event attendees using this method. Do it as frequently as you can, but just be aware to not post in too many groups (5+) in a short space of time, or Facebook will ban you from posting in or joining groups for a period of time.

Targeted traffic

This is a particularly subjective tip which can, still, be applied to nearly all businesses. Somewhere in the pipeline of interactions you have with customers or potential customers, drive them to your Facebook page specifically. A good example of this can often be seen at hotels – when you log in to their Wi-Fi, you are automatically redirected to their Facebook page. Other hotels provide a link to their social media in confirmation emails. Other ideas include website pop-ups (providing it’s not too annoying), adding social links to more pages on your website, or offering a unique form of value (different content, for example) on your Facebook page. Consider your own customer timeline and think of a place you could include a link to your Facebook.

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