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4 Reasons You Need A Social Media Manager

Social Media is one element to marketing many businesses of varying sizes choose to outsource, and an element that many who don’t, probably should. The ideal scenario is to hire an in-house, experienced social media guru who understands your business and your industry. Naturally, many companies or personal brands simply cannot afford this luxury. Below are 4 key reasons you would benefit from hiring a social media manager:


Time is possibly the most common reason businesses choose to outsource social. We’re all busy, and the last thing many want to do is spend several hours per day creating or curating content, editing it, posting it methodologically, engaging on multiple platforms, recording results, analyzing the strategy etc. etc. A half-hearted social effort will produce less-than-satisfactory results in such a saturated, but important, field.
The reality is that with more and more people flocking to social platforms on a regular basis, social media is now a mainstream marketing element that requires a full-time role fulfilled by someone/a team who know what they’re doing.

Effort and Complacency

I mentioned above just a few of the things involved with the day-to-day of social media management, and hopefully, I conveyed how much effort it really takes to do the job properly. If you don’t have a passion for it, this level of required effort may turn into complacency; especially when results with social are often seen over the long-term.
Hiring a social media manager will resolve this. If they’re a social media manager, they’re bound to have the passion for it. Complacency won’t be an issue when it’s their job (and most likely a job they love), and when you’re a client they want to work with for a long time.


Facebook make, on average, two alterations to their platform every single day. Algorithms change frequently, user tastes change, and what’s working well on social changes just as regularly. There’s a lot to remember, too. For example: what time should you post? which channels should you use? How often should you post? What should you post? What else should you do? What happens when you get a bad review? What if it looks rubbish or isn’t working?
All these questions call for an experienced social manager who knows what they’re doing. Even better, a team of social media managers who can brainstorm ideas, suggestions, and improvements. After all, two or three brains are better than one!


If you’re going to take social media seriously (as you should), you’ll want to hire a social media manager in-house, outsource it to a company like Founders Media, or to a freelance social manager. Alternatively, you could use bots, but trust me when I say the results will be poor and won’t convey your brand in the best light.

If we break down the costs of these options, hiring in-house is likely to cost somewhere in the region of £2,000 per month (of course, depending on your location and preferences etc.), in addition to a space in your office and any other logistical or legal requirements. Hiring a freelance social media manager may go somewhere to halving that price, but they won’t be in-house, they might not be a perfect fit, and their ideas may be limited. Hiring a company, like Founders Media (apologies for the transparent bias) fulfills both these problems. We’re cheaper and easier to work with then hiring an in-house employee, we’re a small team which means we have multiple and diverse ideas and experiences, we’re trustworthy, cover all elements of social media management, and even visit clients in-person to take content and stay tuned with what’s going on.

Thank you for reading, and I hope it helped. Read our testimonials, learn more about what we do, or get in touch, here. Download our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Management, here.

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