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Why Bots And AI Will Never Take Off In Social Media Management

You’ve probably already noticed the invasion of bots on your Social Media feeds. Following, unfollowing, spamming, analytics, and much more. Their presence is common practice every time you log into your social feeds. You might not be aware, however, that robots, or AI (Artificial Intelligence), can even post on social media for you, and for a good price. Great, right? Not exactly. Now, as a Social Media Management company (who use humans), we at Founders Media may be biased, but we’re not alone in believing that AI will never take off in the world of social. Here’s why:


The first, and arguably most important, reason AI cannot take over Social Media is that Social Media is all about people. It needs to be focused around people, run by people, and needs to provoke human reactions. That’s why, statistically, posts containing people’s faces or conveying human emotion tend to perform well. Bots may be developing quickly, but they’re yet to convey human emotion or a human face.


Not only can AI not convey emotion, tell a story, respond to feedback or run a competition (all good elements to social), but the quality of posts and typology is poor. We’re all a little OCD when it comes to social media (or at least we should be), so AI or bots just don’t cut the chase.


Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts will argue AI is still young, developing, and will over time be able to perform fantastically as social media manager. They may well prove to be right. But even so, what’s the use of robots talking to robots? And let’s not forget that the point of social media is to improve our connectivity with other humans. People are focal in good social media, and the reason some of us can become addicted to it. Maybe AI will impact the industry by replacing some of the less-glamorous tasks, but social media management is here to stay amongst us humans.


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