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Five Industries That Need Social Media The Most

All businesses need Social Media. If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll have that firmly nailed into your head by now. But for some businesses and industries, social media is more impactful and necessary than for others. Here are five industries that really need to be using social well:


Food is pretty. We all know that. So is coffee, so if you’re serving either, you need to be sharing your hard work on social media. Some of the most successful social media posts and pages belong to cafes, food pages and restaurants. Further, great content (be it a good image, or ideally a tempting video), makes people genuinely want to visit your restaurant or café and try for themselves.
One key benefit to social media is you can nano-target people. So if you’re an independent café in Manchester, you can use social to target only people in Manchester, with certain interests. If you’re not using social every day, you’re really missing out on potential sales – I have eaten at so many local cafes and restaurants purely thanks to social media.
Recommended channels are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. 

Personal Brands

It may not be an industry, but the rise of personal branding is here, and with it comes an increased emphasis on our own social media footprints. After all, why not, when personal brands represent our business interests?
Personal brands on social carry similar characteristics to promoting a business – only an increased emphasis on personal traits, opinions and characteristics are needed. Successful social media connects with people on a personal and human basis; one thing brands often struggle to do. That’s where personal brands can gain an edge on social.

Those looking to develop an online personal brand should be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and perhaps Pinterest or YouTube (depending on your aims and industry).

Real Estate

We all like looking at cool property, right? Even if you don’t, the odds are, at some point you’ll need to. Those moving to another city or country rely on the internet to seek out new potential homes, and there’s a lot of competition in the online property market.
That’s why real estate firms should be using social media to post their listings multiple times per day, ideally using inspirational photos where possible (admittedly, this is easier for luxury realters). This is another area where nano-targeting and targeted engagement can be beneficial for those real estate firms focusing on a local area.

Key channels to use are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


We’ve written an entire blog on why Hotels need to be using social media correctly (click here to read it). The world of Hotels is a competitive one and one where aesthetics and image are so important. This is perfect criteria for an industry which need to be using social media. All hotels should be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Those with a greater budget should look to use YouTube for even better and more diverse content.


Have you ever bought a new top or jacket because you saw one of your favourite social media influencers wearing it? Even if you haven’t, many, many have, and do so on a daily basis. This is an industry where social influencers are perhaps the most impactful.
Fashion is obviously an industry focused on looks, image, and branding – ideal for the use of Instagram and Pinterest. Successful fashion brands on social are using influencers almost daily, organizing shoots and targeted paid social campaigns constantly, and getting creative with the aesthetics of their feeds.

These may be industries where social media is more relevant than others, but all businesses in all industries need to be using social media to their own benefit.
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