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Honest Realities About Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media is great. It sells millions of products to customers globally, and helps people connect with one another. Newbies to Social do, however, often overestimate the power and speed of social media. Here’s a couple of honest realities we need to highlight:

Lower your expectations, or increase your budget

Those new to the world of social media hear of this wonderful world and believe it will triple their profits the moment they set up a Facebook page. While it’s an industry still in relevant infancy and still growing avidly, social media does bring competition. Millions of brands are competing for your attention. This, coupled with Facebook’s determination to hinder organic growth (and increase the amount of money you give them), means a higher budget, higher creativity, and a higher emphasis on quality content is needed.

It takes 10 times the time and effort you think

Patience is key. You need a perfect strategy, then patience to watch it develop and grow. Social Media guru Gary Vaynerchuk preaches how he used social media avidly and consistently for many years before he saw any form of ROI or success. It’s a long-term game, so be patient and aim at continually improving.

In addition to patience, effort is paramount. If you imagine your favourite social media feed, they probably post an awesome piece of content every day. Now, imagine having to think of an amazing idea, and having to execute this idea, every single day. It takes a lot of effort. One piece of content can take some people an entire day to produce. It’s not a case of copy, paste, and watch the sales come in. Time and effort are essential, and that’s why companies like Founders Media exist.

While it’s important to identify honest realities of social, it is still imperative that all businesses and brands are using it (you probably already know that, or you wouldn’t be reading this blog).
As mentioned, social marketing is a long-term game. It requires a ‘bigger picture’ outlook. Key benefits of using social media are being able to increase your monthly reach by thousands for free, conveying and establishing your dream brand, boosting SEO and online presence, increasing website traffic, and much more. If you aren’t on social media, you look outdated, and your competitors are probably already edging ahead.

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