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How To Target A Specific Geographical Audience Using Social Media

As a social media management company, from time to time we’re asked to target a specific geography. For example, a client in Germany might be looking to target the English market, and they want us to grow their followers from England.

This can be an interesting, and often challenging task for us social managers. Below are a few effective ways to ensure geographical targets are met.

Paid social

Possibly the most effective and impactful way to target a specific audience using social is via paid campaigns. Especially on Facebook, putting money behind your social feeds and narrowing the target audience to particular geographies will see a quick increase in specified followers.

When the Founders Media Facebook page was in its infancy with about 400 likes, we decided to run a paid campaign. At the time, those 400 likes were from a fairly sporadic set of countries. Despite having clients globally, we thought it made sense to target London in our campaign. Now, as we sit with just over 1000 likes (hint, hint, if you haven’t liked our page yet), most of our followers are London-based.

When running a paid campaign on Facebook, or any other channel, aim for an estimated reach of 100-500K – it’s not a case of ‘the more the merrier’ when it comes to paid social, and especially targeted paid social. The downside of this method is, obviously, the cost. The more you spend, the greater the results.


Something we do for all clients is what I call engagement work. This is essentially the act of liking, commenting, following, sharing, posing questions etc. This is normally conducted with the business’s target market in mind, but it can be tweaked to suit a specific geography.

Let’s say you’re an interior design company based in Dubai, who specialise in luxury apartments, and you’re looking for some London-based clients. Rather than liking, commenting, and chatting with anyone interior design-related on social, start searching for London-based pages with a focus on luxury, interior design, apartments, aparthotels etc. Start interacting with others on these pages, get involved by replying to comments others have made, leave your own comments, ask for a post-for-post (where they post one of your pictures with credits, and you do the same), or even go to the extent of joint-hosting an event or podcast with them.

Engagement work can be a slow and tedious process, but it works, and is very important in helping beat the algorithms. You could hire a bot to do most of this work for you, but as I have preached in the past, bots can’t craft those all-important conversations, relationships, and nor can it listen to what’s going on in your space – a key side to social.

Influencer use

Influencers are, in brief, personalities on social media with a large following (usually 10K+), who can promote your products or services for you through their audience.

One key thing about influencers is that, while their audience can be fairly global, the majority of their audience tends to be in their home countries. This means if you’re based in New York, and are looking to target the English market, collaborating with a British influencer is an effective way to expose your brand to a specified market.

Influencers can cost anything from a giveaway of your product or service (for example, a hotel might offer them an expenses-paid weekend break, but no fee), to £5,000 for one post to their social feeds. Naturally, the price depends on the size of their following and their engagement levels.


Somewhat relatable to working with influencers, partnering with a company in a specific location and utilising this partnership sufficiently will see your targeted following grow.

As an example, if you’re a clothes store in London looking to make some online sales, and targeting the Paris market, try contacting a florist in Paris to establish a deal where every time someone in Paris makes an order of over £200 online, they get a free bouquet of flowers delivered to their home (with profit-sharing in place for the florists). Advertise this consistently on your social media, in association with the florist’s social media, and your presence in Paris will, slowly but surely, grow alongside your sales.

Partnerships are perhaps the most time-consuming, but the benefits stretch beyond just social.

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