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3 Things You Should Do On Your Social Media Channels Every Day

A while back, I wrote a blog discussing 4 things you should be doing on your social media channels daily. With that blog nearly one year old, it’s time for a new list, given the fast pace of social media. Here are three things you should do on social media daily, in addition to regular postings.


A recent study showed the most valued thing about a good social media manager is the ability to engage with their audience. There are numerous ways to engage depending on the channel, but a good rule for business is to add Instagram stories (with locations and hashtags) daily, respond to all (genuine) comments or messages, and add comments and likes yourself.

If you’re in a relevant industry such as, for example, a clothing brand, use hashtags to search for a topic and geography, then engage with those accounts. This will, over time, help nurture relationships and sales.


Monthly reporting is an important element of what we do at Founders Media to reflect on results, data, and improvements. But what is, in my opinion, more important is to continually critique.

Every time you click on your social media feed, ask yourself, what is missing? What could be added to your strategy to take your content to the next level? If your content is on point, are you running ads? Or, if relevant, are you working with influencers, running competitions? There’s always room for improvement.

Reach out

Collaborations are one of the best keys to growth on social media. Keep an eye out for accounts you could collaborate with, as well as potential influencers or micro-influencers. If you have a product to sell, send your product to influencers and ask them to tag you, or run a competition and give away your product to a lucky winner. Either of these will skyrocket your reach, awareness and, depending on the level of success, sales.

How many of the above do you do daily? It would be interesting to hear your thoughts, and thank you for reading!

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