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What All Social Media Management Agencies Should Provide

When it comes to social media management, you have three main choices regarding who will manage your accounts. You can do it yourself (which requires time and knowledge), you can outsource it to a robot (which will do a rubbish job and be unable to accurately provide human interactions), or you can use a social media agency (for most brands, the best choice – although I would say that).

Here’s a summary of what all good social agencies should provide:

Good communication

Before a post has been published or a penny has been paid, the communication skills of your social agency will be evident. How long did they take to respond to your first email or call? Have they replied in good time consistently? do they have very strict open/closed times? Are they clear in their communication?

While everyone is allowed some slack (holidays do have their place and we can’t always reply within 24 hours, although we nearly always do), social is a 24/7, global and quickly-changing industry. Social media agencies should be aware of that, and must be efficient and flexible in their communication.

Great strategy

Once you trust their communication skills, and by the time any work is done, a good strategy should be in place.

While strategy is a large topic worthy of a blog itself, good social strategies will focus on the needs or desires of the target audience, will be visually appealing, use the correct typology, frequency, timings, influencers, paid social, include a variety of content forms, and much more.


As with so many industries, doing something innovative is desirable in the world of social media marketing. Whether that’s dressing up in a crazy costume and dancing around your city asking people to follow you, or creating a unique video for Facebook, all good social agencies should always be thinking ‘what’s next?’, and ‘what will take this to the next level?’.

Reporting and analytics

When you’re paying another company to do work for you, you want to know the results. While results in social vary from how your Instagram feed looks, to the number of website clicks you’re getting, a comprehensive report should be provided on a quarterly, monthly, or even fortnightly basis.

In our reports, we include basic data such as follower growth, to the more technical stuff (with comparisons from the previous months), and comments on what’s working, what’s not, and what we’ll do to improve.

This blog has covered the key elements of what to expect from a good social media management agency. While so many details are provided in addition to the above mentioned, I hope this has helped build a greater understanding of what to expect.

To learn more about Founders Media, a social media management agency practicing all of the above and more, send us an email here, or read our testimonials here. Further, see our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Management, here. Thank you for reading!

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