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Why Analytics Aren’t Everything

If we look at a client’s analytics, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other, we can see how many people are clicking through to the desired URL. We can see who, geographically and demographically, we are reaching. We can see how many times in the past week someone has made a phone call to the business through Instagram. This is all valuable information and provides fantastic indications. There is, however, so much more to the story.

Let’s say you’re a restaurant in London. You’re using Instagram to try and drive some sales. You get a few calls a week through Instagram and the odd website click. But it’s nothing huge, you don’t have tons of followers, and you’re wondering if there’s any point. Maybe social isn’t for you. Well, I’d 110% disagree. While you may only get the odd reservation through social, you are really getting so much more…

Firstly, you are developing a brand image, something so important. If your content and strategy is good, you’re building a brand for your business, an identity online. Not only does this look impressive, but posting regularly helps your reach, your awareness, and (slightly) your SEO. If you get 2000 impressions per week on Instagram, that’s 2000 more people who are aware of your restaurant than if you weren’t on Instagram.

Secondly, reservations and ROI can come in many shapes and forms. This is one I feel I need to re-iterate if ever the ROI of social question comes up, and even if it doesn’t. This applies to several industries, from hotels to restaurants and B2B tech companies. Let’s stick with the restaurant example.

Let’s say I follow this London restaurant on Instagram, but I’ve never clicked the link in their bio, never asked them anything, or never called them through social or otherwise. But I am aware of them, and I’m looking for somewhere to eat in London this weekend.
The odds are (and I have done this before), I will either Google Maps them and just turn up, or Google Search them and call to reserve from there.

This means I made a reservation thanks to their social media marketing. The awareness and brand image from Instagram indirectly resulted in my making a reservation. My reservation, however, will completely bypass any analytics. There is no proof, unless you ask me, that I made this reservation thanks to social media. It’s a tricky one to track!

Ultimately, this topic is subjective depending on what you are looking to get from social media. Many only use social media for the image, the brand representation, and, of course, many use it purely to boost sales. I feel the points I have made here are important to remember, and are often overlooked.

I hope you agree, and I would love to hear your thoughts in the below comments. Founders Media are a social media management company, based in the UK but operating globally, who DO provide analytical information! We run the entire social media management process for you, saving you the time and helping you build your image, awareness and potential sales. To read more or get in touch, click here. See our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Management, here, and thank you for reading.

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