The Ultimate Social Media Management Guide is key reading for those looking to discover more about social media marketing. We designed this eBook for everybody, regardless of your social media knowledge.


"Essential reading for anyone wanting to learn more about Social Marketing"

Our eBook is practical, informative, impactful, and easy to understand. We cover all areas of Social marketing, from setting up your channels, to paid campaigns and innovative ideas for growth.



- Why you need good social media
- The social media dictionary
- The social marketing pyramid
- A breakdown of the major social media channels    
- Which channels should you have?    
- Setting up your channels
- How often to post?    
- What you need before you start
- Content ideas
- Tips to increase awareness
- Paid advertising
- What else you will need to do
- Alternative routes to successful Social Media
- Common mistakes made on Social Media
- A full plan for efficient, successful Social Media
- List of tools to use
- Further Learning