Personal, Bespoke, Flexible and Effective are four words to describe how we work.

We are Obsessed with Creating the Best Brands, Posting the Best Content, Building the Best Relationships, Achieving the Best Results, Working with the Best Companies, and Constantly Improving what we do.

Intro to Social Media

"Ignoring platforms that have gained critical mass is a great way to look slow and out of touch" - Gary Vaynerchuk

We all need Social Media. Over 2 Billion People use Facebook alone, never mind Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Xing, Snapchat, or any others. Effective Social Media requires knowledge in analytics, tech, design, research, and demands much of your attention. That's why we exist. Our team of Social Media experts work tirelessly to ensure you get the results you want.

Social Media is an opportunity to establish your brand; stay competitive; develop new contacts ; reach a specific demographic; listen to your customers; impress others; improve SEO; increase website traffic; and sell more products.

In today's world, all businesses need great Social Media. The problem is, it's incredibly time-consuming and, well, difficult. That's where we come in. We work with all Social Media Channels and enjoy working with clients worldwide.

What We Do

What We Do

We make your Social Media amazing. Once you've decided you want to work with us; we compile a regularly updated strategy; set up any channels, add any missing information or branding; create and curate content your target audience will love; post this on your channels at the correct time, on the correct day and with the correct typology; engage on your channels daily; ensure you're happy with our work and seek improvements continually; before reporting back on the 15th of each month with a full analytical report showing what we've achieved.

On top of that, we organise the use of influencers, targeted paid campaigns, Twitter chats, giveaways, Q&As, and Facebook & LinkedIn groups.

If you're not creating your own content, don't worry. We create everything from branded images to blogs and videos. We discuss the exact content we can create with you individually. 

How We Work

How We Work

"To do Social Media right is harder and takes more time than people realise" - Gary Vaynerchuk

Every Thursday (usually bright and early), your Social Media Manager sends you a document outlining what we will post the following week: on what day, at what time, and with what attachments. If there is anything you'd like tweaking, no problem, we'll do it straight away. 

In the middle of the month, you'll get a report showing what we've achieved over the past four weeks, with data on channel growth, demographic and geographical information on your followers, comments on what we'll do to improve the following month, and much more.

We communicate via phone, email, coffee, or Slack as regularly as you like.


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