We don't get bad feedback, and we've never reported a dip in followers.

Our team have over 10 years combined experience in the infant Social Media industry, and have worked in a wide variety of countries and industries. We utilise our expertise and implement innovative ideas in order to to achieve your Social goals. If we can grow your revenue and increase the reach of your brand to thousands of new people every month, we've paid for ourselves.

Social Media-lovers will tell you its not the size of the following, but the quality. Nonetheless, below are some stats to prove we will grow your following, and in the correct manner:


We've Held Events in London (twice), Zurich, Berlin & Amsterdam.

100% of those surveyed said they learnt something new from our Events.


Happy Clients

You are very attentive to the wishes of your customers. Very well organized.”
“Quick action, fast execution”
”It has allowed for more exposure and thus helped the image and presence of our company a lot”
”Twitter is growing by day”
”This is a service that is quite personal and unique”
”This service is of benefit to other startups. Especially in the evolving months of a start-up career there are so many tasks to complete and it is a massive weight of their shoulders if the social media is covered for”
”The online presence has definitely improved”
”Taken away the pressure of making time to keep up appearances on social media pages”
”I am not worried even when I don’t get the time to review the scheduled content before it is posted. I have seen increased followings on twitter and definitely boosted engagement which is great”
”The quality of posts has been great”
”I can’t fault the work being done. I couldn’t have asked for any more”
”High commitment; takes efforts to understand our business; open for all kinds of comments (including feedback); coaches us and gives valuable guidance. Your broad pool of topics in alignment with our ideas result in innovative co-creation. Steep learning curve of a very complex area. Very receptive for changes and able to adapt to the specifics. Good communicator and very nice to work with. Our recommendations are always taken seriously and with a lot of understanding from your side” - Charlotte P. Trinler of Chrysalis-Services.ch.
”Founders Media are second-to-none - every post is tailored to the target audience and gains strong interactions. I would definitely recommend this service!”
”I think you guys are attentive and always looking for new ideas”
”There’s nothing I dislike”
”Founders Media have a very hands on approach. Always coming up with new ideas and prepared to try new approaches.”
”Founders Media do great work and are always prompt with our weekly meetings. Posts always look clean and any revisions requested were made.”
”I love the open communication and visually appealing posts
”Yes, there has been an increase in sales as a result of the service

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Organic IG Growth

Where We've Worked:


Anonymous Client
Organic FB Growth


Accounts We Currently Manage

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose most of our Client's Social Media publicly due to privacy constraints. 
If you click here, however, you will find a client Instagram account we have been managing since February 2018 (this client has happily provided us with sharing rights).

Further, here are Founders Media's Social feeds so you can gain a better understanding of the great work we do:


Feedback from our Events

"A very helpful and motivating Workshop."

"I learnt a lot. All was super for me!"

"It was a really nice and effective event, we learnt how can we manage Social Media accounts and how we can use different platforms as marketing tools for our business."

"Useful info, well structured and nice guys!"


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