Founders Media



Frequently asked questions…

  1. Which Social Media platforms do you cover?
    We cover whichever Social Media platforms you want us to! Including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr.

  2. Are there any additional fees?
    No. none. You pay your quoted rate, and that's it.

  3. How do I pay?
    For UK-based customers, we use GoCardless. But we also accept bank transfer (common for overseas customers).

  4. Do you have any Terms & Conditions?
    Yes. You will confirm you agree to our terms and conditions before you pay a penny. They are available to view on our sign up page.

  5. Does your service mean we never need to look at our Social Media accounts?
    If you want, yes. Once we start posting, in theory, you never need to log in to your Social Media accounts ever again. Do feel free, however, to log in, and check you're happy with everything.

  6. Does it cost more to post the same posts on all Social Media accounts?
    No. It'll cost the same to post on just one than it'll cost to post on multiple platforms.

  7. What's the minimum agreed length you can get your Social Media covered for?
    The minimum length is one month. 6 or 12 month contracts are the most common.

  8. What makes Founders Media experts at Social Media?
    We have years of experience posting on Social Media for businesses of all size. So we know what works, and what should be avoided, as well as the ins-and-outs of all Social Media platforms. See our Testimonials page for more.

  9. How will you know what to post?
    We familiarise ourselves with your industry and post only industry or business-related content. Thanks to our vast Social Media experience, we will know what type of posts work better than others.

  10. How will I know Founders Media is working well for my business?
    Every month we will send you an analytics form showing you how your Social Media presence has grown. You might also notice an increase in sales as a result of our service.

  11. My business is based overseas, can I still work with you?
    Yes! We have clients everywhere from England to Australia. We can work with you wherever you are based. We adjust the timings of our work according to your timezone.

  12. I don't have any Social Media accounts. Can you help?
    Of course! If you have no Social Media accounts, knowledge or experience, we can help. When we start working together, we set up any accounts you need, and make sure they look perfect.

  13. Do you work in any industry?
    Yes. We will tailor our posts to any industry. We have worked in a wide variety of industries from Jazz to Consulting.

  14. What if I want to change a post?
    No problem. Just let us know and we'll make the change (for free).